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Ready to bathe? Check out our bathroom gallery or read on to discover the YDC approcah to bathroom installations.

luxury bathrooms London W1 If space is not a factor, your bathroom can be a place of self-indulgent luxury - perhaps you favour a large cast iron slipper bath, plus a walk-in power shower, a twin-basin vanity unit, a bidet, a loo and even a chaise longue on which to recline after your bathing experience!

However, for most people such a large bathroom is an idle fantasy because good bathroom planning is often about getting the most from the limited space available. At YDC we have built sprawling, sumptuous bathrooms in larger homes but more frequently - especially within Central London - we are called on to advise clients about balancing space and functionality.

luxury bathrooms London W1On the property development side of our business we never build a two- or three-bedroom house or flat with fewer than two bathrooms or shower rooms. Generally we add a guest cloakroom also. This is because second and third bathrooms have moved from being a luxury to a 'necessity' of modern living. The last 30 years have seen bathing habits change and we now shower daily as opposed to taking a bath every few days. However, many of the homes we live in were built many decades ago to accommodate a very different lifestyle, so transforming homes for modern living often requires creative thinking.

At YDC we are experienced in creating bathrooms without apparent loss of space to other rooms, and in making it seem as if they were part of the original design.

luxury bathrooms London W1 In terms of equipment, we believe that much bathroom furniture design is a triumph of aesthetics over functionality. It's easy to buy a bath that looks 'a la mode' but which has no relation to the shape of a reclining body and is very uncomfortable in consequence. And some wash basins may look beautiful but are too shallow for the water pressure, resulting in water splashing everywhere. And some smaller homes may have insufficient space for a bath yet not enough water pressure for a shower!

Our designers can guide you around such problems and can help you to realise the type of bathroom that fits best with your needs. You can start your design process by looking at the pictures in our galleries for bathrooms, shower rooms and wet rooms. These are not photos of complete bathrooms that we sell, but simply ideas to get your creative juices flowing. YDC will source (if you want us to) supply and fit any bathroom furniture and equipment you choose.

luxury bathrooms London W1There any number of bathroom retailers you can select from and we will be very happy to install whatever furniture and fittings you want. However, we usually recommend that clients take a trip to the showrooms of C.P. Hart. This well-known company has a large range of beautiful bathrooms - to suit all tastes and budgets - on display in its extensive Waterloo showrooms. The staff is knowledgeable and very helpful. They also provide a great design service. YDC has a longstanding relationship with the company, which means we are able to obtain prices well below standard retail to the public.

Call us now on 020 7724 6518.

choosing bath materials ... 

Baths usually come in four materials: steel, acrylic, cast iron and natural stone. Which one you choose will depend on your preferences, your budget and your bathroom design. The two most popular choices are steel and acrylic, so here are the key points of comparison for you to consider.

Strength: These days, high quality acrylic baths are just as sturdy as steel baths but come at more affordable prices. Heavy duty acrylic baths are reinforced with wood, resin and glass fibre, and are very solid.

Variety: Acrylic can be easily moulded into different shapes, so there's more variety than with steel. However, steel tends to have crisper, cleaner lines.

Comfort: Acrylic is warmer to the touch than steel. The top of a steel bath (above the waterline) will stay quite chilly, perhaps not so comfortable when you want to lie back and relax in the winter.

Health: Both steel and acrylic are non-porous, so no mould and bacteria will grow on their surfaces.

Appearance: Steel baths are coated with vitreous enamel (which can chip if heavy objects fall into the bath) and are resistant to UV light, so they won't fade. They clean well. Acrylic can stain under certain conditions and requires careful cleaning.

Cost: Acrylic is the cheaper option. But if you have the money, a steel bath is more eco-friendly (acrylic derives from fossil fuels) and will still look good a decade after installation.

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